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Places That Need a Filter Coffee Machine

Filter coffee machines provide fresh coffee that keeps warm for a long time; people can help themselves to delicious coffee without needing to take too much time out to boil the kettle or use an automatic coffee machine. Instead, they can quickly grab a cup of filter coffee and continue their day. Here are a few different places we think would benefit from a filter coffee machine.


Offices are the perfect place to have a filter coffee machine. Staff often drink a large amount of coffee during the day. Having a filter coffee machine can save time and electricity. People that work in the office will be happy to help themselves to coffee when they fancy a cup. You can even place a filter coffee machine in a communal area and don’t necessarily need a kitchen. A filter coffee machine with a grinder is the best option for high-quality coffee that tastes great. 


When visiting the hairdresser, it’s great to be offered a lovely cup of coffee. A filter coffee machine in hairdressers can increase efficiency and speed things up considerably. Suppose customers want two or three cups of coffee; it can take up to ten minutes to make them all. This may push back the appointment time of the next customer, causing a backlog. A filter coffee machine can produce coffee that’s ready to be drunk without needing to wait. Staff at the hair salon may also enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day, keeping them going during busy periods when they don’t have the time to stop and make themselves a drink. 

Meeting rooms

When hosting a meeting between a client and their supplier, a coffee machine is always a good idea. Coffee can help keep everyone alert and focused on the meeting, especially during an all-day meeting or a conference. A filter coffee machine provides coffee that keeps warm for a few hours. People might not want to drink their coffee at the same time. A filter coffee machine with a warming plate makes enough for everyone to help themselves to warm coffee whenever they want without needing to ask the meeting hosts and disrupting the flow of conversation. 

Community centre

Community centres bring together people from the local area for events or group activities. Many community centres provide free drinks to people who attend their events. A filter coffee machine with a timer is a great alternative to making your own drinks or the organiser making all the drinks for the attendees. The event organiser can set the timer to make the coffee when people arrive at the community centre for their event. This is a great way to reduce the number of jobs the event organiser needs to do before people arrive. 

Car dealerships

People often spend a few hours or more in a car dealership, browsing the cars they’re interested in and then doing all the paperwork. When it comes to the paperwork regarding buying and selling cars, there is often a large amount of administrative work involved; this can take considerable time. A filter coffee machine is a good way to stay focused, welcome customers, and encourage them to spend more time in the dealership. The staff will also enjoy being warmed up during the winter when walking around outside the dealership explaining everything to each potential customer. 

At home

If you’re an avid coffee drinker and work from home, a filter coffee machine can help to improve your productivity. Instead of needing to get up regularly to go and make a drink, you can position the filter coffee machine next to your desk to keep you topped up throughout the day. If you have more than one coffee drinker at home, having a filter coffee machine in your home can be even more beneficial. Save on boiling the kettle every few hours and use the keep warm function that many coffee machines have built-in that sits below the jug. 

Many places can benefit from a filter coffee machine; these are just a few examples. Any place where people spend a few hours working or getting together is an excellent place for a filter coffee machine.



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