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Common Uses for Whistles

Whistles play an incredibly important role in history; without the use of whistles on battlefields, soldiers wouldn’t be able to respond as quickly to orders from their superiors. Their reaction times to incoming threats would also be increased; whistles are an effective way to communicate in a noisy environment. The clear tone and pitch of the whistle cut through the rest of the battlefield noise and was one of the quickest and most effective ways to communicate with soldiers. Technology advances have led to earpieces and radio taking over communications; however, despite technological changes, whistles are still commonly used today in some situations.

Dog training

Dogs are very intelligent and often called man’s best friends; they can learn many things from simple commands such as sitting and staying to more complex and life-saving skills, including sniffing out cancer or detecting nuts for someone with allergies. It takes time and patience to train dogs; one tool often used during training is a dog whistle. Dogs can learn to respond to different noises made with a whistle and even different whistle pitches. This training tool is particularly useful over long distances or in loud environments. The whistle can travel over several miles, and dogs can pick up the sound of a whistle easily, even when there is another noise. Search and rescue dog handlers often use whistles to communicate with their dog when training them to search for a lost or stranded person. Hunters also utilise the whistle when training their dogs to come back to them over long distances when they’re out hunting. Whistles are durable, easy to use and save the dog trainer from needing to shout to get their dog’s attention. 

School playgrounds

It can get very noisy on the school playground with hundreds of kids running around shouting and screaming during play. A whistle is a fantastic tool, ideal for these types of situations. Teachers can blow the whistle to get the children’s attention and tell them off quickly when they’re far away. A whistle blown loudly can startle anyone, especially unexpected children. The use of a whistle can help stop children from getting injured and help to split up conflicts. Whistles are also used during physical education classes to tell children to move on to the next activity in a loud gymnasium. Teachers often use a pealess whistle as they’re less likely to harbour bacteria than whistles that include a pea; this is important when working with children on dusty and potentially dirty playgrounds. 

Train platforms

Train operators often use whistles to inform the train driver the platform is clear, all the passengers have boarded, and they’re ready for the train to depart. Whistles are a simple tool that can work without any technology, phone signal or internet connection. This makes them perfect for busy train stations that can get noisy and congested. The whistle cuts through all of this noise, and the train driver can hear it without needing to get out of their seat. It also signals to the passengers on the platform that the train is about to leave, so they can prepare and move away from the platform’s edge. 

Bird watching

A final common use for whistles is bird watching; whistles can mimic the sound that birds make when they speak to one another. Utilising these types of whistles, bird enthusiasts can draw birds out of the trees and into view, so they can take pictures and document where the birds inhabit. Some bird watchers don’t agree with this practice because they see it as interfering with nature. They believe that birds should not be distracted or confused by bird watchers; instead, they should avoid using any type of aid to bring them out into view. 

These are a selection of the common uses for whistles; there are many other industries where whistles have become integral and are used daily. If you want to purchase a whistle, there are many different types; each produces a distinct sound that is suitable for its purpose. When viewing some whistles online, they’re often accompanied by a recording of the whistle in action, so you can hear the sound before you decide which whistle to purchase. 


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