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How to Choose a Probate Genealogy Company

There are many different companies you can use if you require the specialist skills of a probate genealogist. You may have never encountered this field before until you become the executor of an estate. Such time can be fraught with sadness and grief, which may make decisions more challenging. In addition, this industry is unregulated, so it is even more problematic to choose the right company. We have some tips to help you choose the right probate genealogist specialist and ensure your case is dealt with quickly and with respect. 

Independent reviews

One way to find out how other customers rated an organisation is to look online for independent reviews. These are reviews hosted on other verified review websites such as feefo, Trustpilot, Google customer reviews, and Which? The business does not control these websites, so they can’t take down poor reviews. If you solely rely on the reviews posted on the company’s own website, you might only see the positive reviews that the business has chosen to post on its own website. You will learn about previous customer experiences and anything you should be aware of from independent reviews. Always consider all the reviews as a whole, and don’t focus too much on one bad review.

Your initial enquiries 

Before agreeing to work with a probate genealogist, you will need to speak to them to understand what they offer and get a formal quotation. This interaction with the company can tell you a lot about the way they conduct their business. If you find they are slow to respond or unhelpful at this stage, then they’re unlikely to respond once you’ve agreed to their quotation. The company should be happy to speak to you and answer any questions whilst also explaining their services in a way that’s easy to understand. If you don’t get a good level of service within your first interaction, then you’re better off looking for an alternative company. 

Clear information on services

Probate genealogists offer a range of different services depending on your situation and needs. All reputable probate research companies will clearly list the services they offer with easy-to-understand information about each service. If it’s ever unclear what you will be getting for the money you’re paying, you should back away and speak to another provider that will clearly explain everything. Some probate genealogists may use complicated language to confuse customers so they can charge more for their services or add on extra unnecessary items. Make sure you understand what is being offered to avoid this issue.

Get multiple quotes

Picking the cheapest supplier isn’t always the best option; you need a probate research company that can dedicate enough time to your case and get back to you quickly. Despite this, it’s still a good idea to get several quotes from businesses you’ve shortlisted; this will help you narrow down who you want to select. By getting several quotes, you can also begin to understand how the industry works and disregard any company that doesn’t align with the majority of quotations. The quote should be clearly explained and easy to understand. There may also be different charging methods; some businesses take a proportion of the total estate, whereas others charge a set fee for certain services. Choosing between these different cost structures will depend on your personal preference and your situation. However, in either case, you should ensure you understand how much it will cost before you agree to the services. 


If you know of any other executors that have used the services of a probate genealogist in the past, you can ask them for a recommendation. Personal recommendations can be very useful, especially if the cases are similar. They might be able to recommend the company they used or advise you against using them if they had a particularly bad experience. If that’s the case, they may know of other companies that are more helpful. Solicitors and other paralegals might also have associations and connections with probate genealogists that they can recommend based on previous experience. 

Make sure you conduct research to find a reputable and recommended probate genealogist before employing them to help with your case. 


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