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Travelling With Your Baby – Top 10 Things Every Parent Needs

The flights are booked, the itinerary is planned, and the weather looks promising. You are almost ready to set off on your long-awaited getaway. There’s only one thing left on your to-do list, and that’s packing the suitcases. 

Ensuring you’ve crammed all your outfits and essentials into your luggage without overloading it is a task we all struggle with from time to time. But this chore becomes nothing short of a military operation when you’re also in charge of packing for a baby. 

Worry not! With this basic checklist, you can rest assured that you have everything your little one could possibly need for the duration of your holiday without having to make emergency foreign shopping trips when you should be relaxing.


Your baby requires their own passport from birth for any travel outside the UK. Their passport is then valid for five years. Applying for one is a relatively simple process (depending on how easily you can get them to sit still for a photograph).


No matter how you plan on travelling – plane, train or car – a versatile pram or stroller is necessary. Choosing a lightweight, comfortable buggy that can be easily folded and stowed into a luggage rack or the boot of a car will save you endless amounts of hassle.

Car Seat

You may be travelling to your destination by car or planning on renting a car once you are there. In which case, a car seat for your baby is a must. In compliance with UK law, a car seat for children under 123cm tall is mandatory and of course, your family’s safety is paramount.

Changing Bag

Most airlines allow 10kg for your hand luggage, so packing all of your baby’s essentials into a suitable changing bag is more than doable. Most varieties come complete with numerous pockets and compartments for easy access to bottles, nappies, snacks, blankets and wipes.


If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors during your trip, sunscreen is an indispensable item. Your baby’s skin is delicate, sensitive, and much more susceptible to burns. NHS guidelines state that babies under six months should be kept out of direct sunlight. While it is also important to limit sun exposure for older babies too, applying a sunscreen with a factor of at least 30, regularly throughout the day will help reduce any risks.

Travel Potty

If you are opting for a holiday that is a little closer to nature – for example, camping – then you needn’t put any potting training plans on the back burner. Travel potties are portable and, once used, can be folded and fitted neatly into your travel bag. Some even come with handles and colourful designs.

First Aid and Medication

To most, this may come as an obvious suggestion, but amidst the excitement of preparing for your trip, you may not even consider that your little one might pick up a sniffle or bug. Liquid paracetamol and ibuprofen to bring down any temperatures, plasters for any cuts/scrapes, and any medical devices such as inhalers are examples of items you may wish to pack into a first aid bag.

Pool Accessories

If your destination involves a pool, you don’t want your baby to miss out on the fun. Keeping your baby happy and safe in the water is easily done if you have buoyancy aids, pool toys and swim nappies. Reusable swim nappies are even better if you’re keen on travelling as light as possible.


Depending on the climate of your chosen port of call, you will want to pack suitable clothing for both you and your baby. If it’s going to be warm, be sure to include multiple lightweight long-sleeved tops, trousers and dresses, as well as sun hats to minimise sun exposure. Be sure to include extra layers for the cooler evenings.


If your journey is going to be lengthy, it is a good idea to pack something to keep your baby entertained. Toys, books, colouring, sensory aids – anything that will keep them occupied during the long queues at terminals and potential delays. 

Preparation is key regardless of where your destination is and how you plan on getting there. If you are confident that you have everything you and your baby need for a safe and comfortable trip, then you are one step closer to making those memories.