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How to Get a Custom-Built PC

Custom-built PCs allow gamers to specify what parts they want, how much they wish to spend on each element and how the PC looks. For serious gamers, a custom-built PC is something they aspire to get and often take the time to save up the money to buy. You can take several approaches to get a custom-built PC; we look into each option.

Buy off the shelf

Many expert computer hardware retailers have custom-built PCs, which you can buy directly from them at a set price. They take the time to put together the best parts and sell the PC as a single product to their customers. This is one of the easiest ways to get your hands on a custom-built PC. There will be no issues with compatibility, and you can immediately start using the PC when you receive it. You don’t need specialised tools or knowledge to buy an off-the-shelf custom PC, but you will get a better-performing machine that an expert has carefully constructed. The downside of purchasing a custom-built PC where the parts and the build have been done by someone else is you won’t be able to specify what you want to be included in your PC. However, this is a great option for those not interested in learning about PC parts and how to construct a gaming PC.

Use an online PC builder

Some companies give you the option of selecting all of the parts for the PC online using a PC builder tool. The tool takes you through the process of selecting each component that makes up a PC. The website will have a set number of options you can choose from for each part. This is very helpful if you want to be able to select specific components yourself but are concerned about compatibility. The tool will stop you from building a PC with incompatible parts. The PC is then constructed by an experienced professional and delivered to your address. A PC builder offers more options than buying off the shelf but doesn’t require you to do any of the manual work yourself. Those who are unfamiliar with building computers and don’t have the correct tools will benefit from this form of custom PC. However, you can expect to pay an additional cost for the expert to build the PC for you, which you could avoid if you learnt the skill. The PC will be delivered and ready to play; however, there could be additional wait times when using a PC builder to get a custom PC. 

Build your own PC

Those with more experience and knowledge or the ability to learn can build their own PCs from scratch by buying individual parts. This is the option that offers the PC owner the most freedom and flexibility. You can choose each component and even customise your PC case, creating a unique custom-built PC. However, this approach can have its downsides. Each part must be compatible for the PC to work and run correctly. Without in-depth knowledge or extensive research, making a mistake and buying incompatible parts could be easy. PC owners can save money if they have the proper knowledge and expertise by buying parts when they’re on sale and doing the construction themselves. Building a PC can take time and patience many gamers don’t have when they’re looking to play on their new PC as soon as possible. 

These are the three main ways you can get a new custom PC. Other options to consider include buying all the parts separately and paying an expert to put them together for you, or you could buy a used custom PC online from an auction site or specialist selling website. Alternatively, you could buy a read-made PC and customise it yourself by switching out some parts, such as the graphics card or hard drive. Each method of getting a custom PC has its own pros and cons; deciding which route to take will depend on your specific needs, budget, expertise and the time you have available to dedicate to building a custom PC. Make sure to always ask for expert advice when making customising your PC to avoid compatibility issues.