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Reasons to Avoid Fake Shearling

Shearling clothing has been worn for centuries to keep people warm in cold climates. Animals have the natural ability to survive in the coldest weather; humans have used this incredible ability to their own advantage to create warm and luxurious clothing. Shearling is not only warm and stylish, but it can also be expensive. This high cost has led to selling replicas so those who can’t afford real shearling can imitate the style. However, there are several reasons you should choose real shearling and avoid imitations; in this article, we look at these reasons. 

They won’t last

High-quality genuine shearling is made from the very best pelts. Time, care and attention are taken when choosing the pelts and creating the shearling garment. This craftsmanship creates clothing that will last a whole lifetime. Conversely, fake shearling may shed wool or fall apart at the seams. When looked after properly, shearling will retain its warm and soft properties for as long as you want to wear the item. After a relatively short period of time, you might find a fake shearling coat is no longer suitable for wearing, which can be very frustrating as fake shearling isn’t always low cost. When producing cheap clothing products, corners are often cut, leading to an inferior quality garment.

Warmth and softness

Genuine, high-quality shearling items are made from young lambs, which makes them incredibly soft to touch and wear on your skin. Fake shearling will be made from wool or artificial fibres such as polyester. Some people find wool itchy and irritating to their skin; you can avoid this issue by buying a genuine shearling item. In addition to being softer, genuine shearling is much warmer than a fake garment. You will notice the difference when wearing the garment in cold winds and frosty weather. A genuine shearling item will keep your body warm and comfortable, whereas a fake won’t have the same impact.

Resale value

You might be worried about spending lots of money on shearling clothing that might go out of style or items that might not fit if your size changes. The beauty of shearling is you can sell these worn pieces to make money for new items of clothing. A high-quality shearling clothing item will retain its value as long as it’s kept in good condition. If you no longer like the style of your shearling jacket or coat, you can sell it second-hand to make some money back, and someone else can go on to wear it for many more years. Cheap imitations don’t hold their value, and people aren’t as interested in buying them secondhand. 

Timeless style

Good quality shearling coats are timeless; they are created with longevity in mind. The designer will create pieces that can be worn with multiple outfits and won’t go out of fashion by the next season. You’ll want to wear a genuine quality shearling jacket or coat every day. Fake or replica items tend to be more seasonal; they use prints or designs that are in fashion right now but won’t be stylish next season. By investing in a genuine shearling clothing item, you’re investing in the design and quality of a garment that you’ll wear for many years.

The environment 

Shearling is a natural material made from lambs. As a result, it is completely biodegradable. Over time it may shed some fibres, but these will biodegrade and won’t cause any harm to the environment. Fake or imitation shearling products often contain synthetic fibres such as polyester or acrylic. These fibres shed microplastics when they’re washed, which end up in oceans and contribute to the pollution of the planet. Synthetic fibres will not biodegrade and instead last for hundreds of years, adding to the pollution of the planet. By choosing a genuine shearling garment, you’re helping to protect the plant from unnecessary plastic pollution.

Shearling is a fantastic material that has many wonderful properties, including warmth and softness. In addition, it’s also very stylish and will last for many years. Buying shearling clothing can be expensive but consider it as an investment; you can get many years’ wear from the garment and sell it again when you no longer wear it or if you change size.